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Horizon Europe Destination Space calls are open

A number of Space calls are now open for submission. Check them out, team up with international partners and apply: Horizon Europe programme Cluster 4, Destination 5: Open Strategic Autonomy in Developing, Deploying and Using Global Space-Based Infrastructures, Services, Applications and Data

New calls from the workprogramme 2023-2024 are open, and your contribution to an even more ambitious use of space is now possible with calls in the following areas:

  • Designing space-based downstream applications with international partners
  • EU GOVSATCOM for a safer and more secure EU
  • EGNSS - Transition toward a green, smart and more secure post-pandemic society
  • EGNSS - Closing the gaps in mature, regulated and long lead markets
  • Copernicus-based applications for businesses and policy-making
  • Quantum sensing and metrology for market uptake (IA)
  • Space technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness
  • Quantum Space Gravimetry Phase-B study & Technology Maturation
    Copernicus for Security
  • Copernicus for Land and Water

The calls are part of the the Horizon Europe programme Cluster 4 Destination 5 pointing out how space provides us with satellite TV, increasingly accurate global navigation services for all transport modes and users (e.g. mobile phones and car navigation systems), extended Earth monitoring for land, marine, atmosphere and climate change, global meteorological observation and accurate cartographies of a wide number of variables.

Space also makes important contributions to security crisis management and emergency services. These are key assets for the EU policies on climate, environment, transport, agriculture and secure society (e.g. Maritime Strategy, the Arctic Strategy, the Digital Agenda, the Common Security and Defence Policy, the Sustainable Development Strategy, the SGDGs). Finally, the space sector is a source of economic growth, jobs and exports.


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