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Poster session at the Danish National Space Conference

On 9-10 November, the National Space Conference will be held at SDU Odense. Here you will have the opportunity to see poster contributions covering a variety of space relate topics, from student satellites to microbiology in space. The conference is fully booked, but sign up on the waiting list.

The National Space Conference gathers space experts from companies, government, and universities on topics such as sustainability, robots, defence, and education. There will be talks, plenary sessions and discussions, as well as opportunities to network and learn who is involved in space in Denmark.

Check out the newly updated programme featuring more than 50 speakers and panel experts. The conference is by now fully booked with more than 300 participants, but you can sign up for waiting list.

There will also be a poster exhibition where the following poster will be presented;

  • Jord-observerende satellit schedulering fra optimeringssynspunkt
    Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI)
  • Towards Understanding Greenhouse Gas Production from Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes
  • RadioSTAR
  • The GalaxyRover project
  • DISCO at Aarhus University
  • Dyr i rummet
  • Indirekte eftersøgning af liv på planeter i andre solsystemer.
  • Microbiology in space: Could methanogens live on Mars?
  • Iron reduction as a viable metabolic pathway in Enceladus' ocean (Roche et al., 2023)
  • Can solar storms cause navigation errors for animals with magnetic sense?
  • BEXUS experiment as proof of concept to predict risks of forest fires
  • DISCO at SDU

The posters have been selected by SDU after a call for posters. The selection was based on relevance and topicality, impact, quality, accessibility, presentation and educational value.

On the 8th of November there will be a Youth Space Conference for school children where the posters are also present. The Youth Space Conference is also fully booked, but check out the programme, which is now online on the website.


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