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Indstillede kandidater i 2022

15 kandidater fra universiteter fra Grønland, Færøerne og Danmark er indstillet til specialekonkurrencen i 2022. Se hvem de er, og hvad deres specialer handler om.

Prisoverrækkelsen sker d. 30. november kl. 15.00-16.00, hvor der udpeges en vinder fra hvert land. Prismodtageren modtager en hæderspris på 40.000 kroner hver.


Ayoe Kristiansen_billedeAyoe Kristiansen - Ilisimatusarfik, Grønlands Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

The Stakeholder Management Theory Meets SLO Ilissimatursarfik 

"The thesis had the purpose to examine the two mining projects in Southern Greenland; Kuannersuit (Kvanefjeldet) and Killavaat Alannguat (Kringlerne). Moreover, to look into the importance of a Social License to Operate (SLO) and the corporation between the respective mining firms, Naalakkersuisut (the Government of Greenland) and the locals in Narsaq" 

Stephanie Masková - Roskilde Universitet

Stephanie Mašková fra Roskilde Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

Postcolonial and Environmental Semantics: A postcolonial casestudy of environmental words in the Nuuk-Danish universe of meaning

"The Danish colonization marks the beginning of a new era in Greenland's linguistic history. As soon as speakers of different languages migrate from one place to another and start communicating with new groups, languages change.".

Ida Lei Nørgaard Christensen fra Aarhus Universitet

Ida Lei Nørgaard Christensen - Aarhus Universitet
Specialetitel og resumé

Faroese identity in Denmark. A study of the Faroese identity in Denmark

"A mapping of the Faroese identity in Denmark. What does a Faroese identity contain in Denmark, which factors influence its variance and is it possible to feel both Faroese and Danish at the same time?"

 Sofie Prip fra Roskilde UniversitetNatuk Fleischer fra Roskilde Universitet

Sofie Prip og Natuk Fleischer - Roskilde Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

Meanwhile: Impacts of state-centricparadigms on Greenland’s paradiplomacy anddefactointernational legitimacy

"How does the general state-centricparadigm in the international society and inthe Danish Constitution shape Greenland’s room for maneuver in its paradiplomatic activities within foreign affairs?"

Kristina Nørgaard_billedeKristina Nørgaard - Arkitektskolen Aarhus

Specialetitel og resumé


"A new proposal for the Faroese national aquarium"

Jákubbjørg Lambaa - Syddansk UniversitetJákubbjørg Lambaa_billede

Specialetitel og resumé

An analysis of the role of religion in William Heinesen’s authorship

"The thesis elucidates and investigates the writings of William Heinesen and contributes to new understandings by examining the authorship of the Faroese born writer, and how Heinesen portrays the Faroe Islands and Faroese nature, culture and religion in the 20th century.".

Elsa Maria Magnusdottir OlsenHeidi Neshamar Olsen

Elsa Maria Magnusardóttir Olsen og Heidi Neshamar Olsen - Fróðskaparsetur Føroya / Universitetet på Færøerne 

Specialetitel og resumé

Cultural Policy in Faroese Munincipalities

"A study of the Faroe Islands' Cultural Policy on a Munincipal Level"

Frida Ramsing fra Aarhus UniversitetFrida Ramsing - Aarhus Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

When Death Becomes Complicated: A theoretical investigation and a Qualitative Study of Grief in Greenland

"How mayone, based on psychological theory and practice, understand grief in a Greenlandic context?".

Maibritt Marjunardóttir - Det Kongelige Akademi - Arkitektur, Design, KonserveringMaibritt Marjunardóttir_billede

Specialetitel og resumé

Fucking Jävla Kuk-Kinship

"A study in acceptance, of finding my way back home after having tried to escape for so long".

Marie Evaldsen Christensen fra Aarhus UniversitetMarie Evaldsen Christensen - Aarhus Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

Beading the Third Place: The Inherent Multiplicities of Beadwork - An anthropological examination of contemporary bead work in Nuuk, Greenland.

"I seek to examine how beads and bead work are used by contemporary bead workers in Nuuk, Greenland. Based on four months of fieldwork, I will explore the seusages through anthropological lenses of materiality, value, andtemporality and Iargue that beadwork becomes a potential manifestation of ‘The Third Place’ with its intricate intermingling within Greenland and its relations with Denmark and the South".

Petur_fotoPetur William Háberg - Fróðskaparsetur Føroya / Universitetet på Færøerne

You lose the story about yourself” – a glimpse inside the lives of involuntary childless men in the Faroe Islands

"Which effect does involuntary childlessness have on the masculinity of Faroese men and their place in the Faroese society?".

Pernille Hansen - Aalborg Universitet

Pernille Hansen_billede

Specialetitel og resumé


"Greenland in a global green transition. An analysis of how Chinese investments in rare earth elements in Greenland impact the Danish room of manoeuvre"

Sarah Rindom - Aalborg Universitet

Sarah Rindom fra Aalborg Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

Home and belonging -A qualitative study of identity and belonging among young Greenlanders in Denmark

"This study deals with Greenlandic youth in Denmark, who from a sociological definition can be considered to be an  ethnic  minority  group,  and  examines  what  opportunities  and  limitations  they  have  for  identity  and  identity formation, as well as their importance for belonging".

Sarah Nyvang Kristensen_billedeSarah Nyvang Kristensen - Københavns Universitet

Specialetitel og resumé

A discourse-theoretical study of the constitution of the Commonwealth and its foreign policy room of action in the Arctic

"Communication is key to any successful relationship. This is also the case for the Common-wealth, especially when it comes to handling the ever-increasing challenges in the Arctic area. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the climate changes have brought the Arctic area high on the agenda in international politics." 

Anne Sofie Langer Jordt - Københavns Universitet

Anne Sofie_billede

Specialetitel og resumé

Carl Rasmussens blik på det grønlandske landskab (Carl Rasmussen and the Greenlandic Landscape)

"During the 19th century, many Danish artists became interested in Greenland and its unique landscapes. This was also the case for the relatively unknown artist Jens Erik Carl Rasmussen (1841- 1893), who started painting Greenlandic landscapes around 1870 and did so until his death in 1893."


Kravene for at deltage i konkurrencen er blandt andet, at specialet har fået en karakter på mindst 10.

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