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A three-day National Space Conference 2023 with major announcements and future impact

A vivid annual Danish National Space Conference 2023 taking place at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is now well behind us. It had 300+ participants as well as 50 speakers and panel experts. Participants and speakers enjoyed lively discussions, and new projects and collaborations were born.

The Danish National Space Conference 2023 was opened on 9 November by the Rector of SDU, Jens Ringsmose and Christina Egelund, Danish minister for Higher Education and Science – with a specific responsibility for space. They both focused on the importance of space missions and technology as a driver for innovation, new knowledge and insight to the benefit of Earth.

Minister Christina Egelund also highlighted the Danish government’s increased contribution to European Space Agency programmes from 2024 and announced that she would start work on a new strategy on space science and innovation.

In her speech Christina Egelund said: “I believe Denmark can become an even bigger part of the global space community. I’m committed to shaping a future where Denmark's contributions to space research and innovation are significant. And where we become even better at utilising the areas where we already have an edge. Like the world class robotics sector right here in Odense. That is why next year we’re going to develop and launch a new space strategy for research and innovation, that can support, supplement and maybe even turbo charge our existing National Space Strategy. We need to make this a prioritised area and provide a new political framework for a more ambitious approach to space in the coming years.”

The key note speaker of the conference was, Nina Ewerlöf, vice president in the European region for the private US company Planet with more than 200 satellites in orbit. Planet delivers customized Earth Observation images to an increasing number of public and private clients around the world.

Apart from plenary sessions the Danish National space conference also featured six different tracks as wells as sessions with matchmaking, posters and exhibitions from student, private companies and public entities. This enabled students and companies to inform conference participants their projects and capabilities. The vivid discussions during matchmaking gave rise to new project ideas and highlighted the opportunities in the space sector.

Also dedicated staff from the European Space Agency and EUSPA engaged with the participants to inform about their funding and career opportunities for students, post graduates, start-ups and private companies.

The six conference tracks – three in parallel each day - were chosen to reflect important national and strategic as well as local agendas. The tracks were followed by between 50 and 100 participants who participated in the lively Q&A sessions or panel debates.

  • Robots and Drones
  • Space-based Green Transition
  • Defense and Security
  • Space Related Education
  • International Cooperation & Commercialization
  • Science

Key message of the Danish National space conference 2023
Space today is a key asset, we as societies and citizens depend upon every day. Space serves top strategic agendas – in Denmark and internationally - including the green transition and security, it pushes the boundaries for our technology and it stimulates the interest for STEM in the younger generation. As a high-tech nation, Denmark must ensure that we benefit and contribute to the best of our abilities for our citizens, companies and scientists.

Danish Companies and scientists excel in clean tech, robots, telecom and life science and they could to a larger extent than today benefit the space agendas. The National Space Conference will gather the entire space community in Denmark, provide the latest news on top space agendas as well as give an opportunity for the creation of new collaborations and ideas.

SDU were delighted to host the conference in their new DreamLab building. The Conference gave scientists and students at SDU as well as Odense based companies the opportunity to highlight how they work with space.

At the end of the conference the Space conference torch was handed over to Aarhus University, where the 2024 conference will be held.


  • The plan is for presentations from the conference to be made available on the SDU conference site. You can also send an email to Cecilie Tornøe and request specific presentations.
  • The annual Danish National Space Conference was organised on 9-10 November 2023 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Center for Defense, Space & Security (CenSec) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). For the first time, the National Space Conference was accompanied by a Youth Conference for lower secondary education students on November 8th, 2023.

All pictures credit: Frederik J.H.B.B. Lunding. University of Southern Denmark, SDU / FKF / SDU-Galaxy

Foto: Christina Egelund, Minister of Higher Education and science and Jens Ringsmose, rector of SDU in the audience.


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