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Application open for Summer School Alpbach 2024

Sixty European engineering and science students will be selected to participate in a ten-day learning opportunity held in the village of Alpbach in the beautiful Austrian Alps. The topic of the Summer School Alpbach 2024 is: “Giant planets and their moons”. Apply now for an experience of a lifetime!

Participants will be engaged in an in-depth learning experience, attending stimulating lectures on relevant aspects of space science and engineering, and working intensely within four groups to define and design a space mission under the supervision of noted scientific and engineering experts.
The topic of the Summer School Alpbach 2024 is: “Giant planets and their moons”

The theme “Moons of the Giant Planets” was identified as the first scientific theme in ESA’s new long-term scientific plan (Voyage 2050) for large missions. The moons in the outer Solar System, but also their host gas and ice giant planets are of the highest interest for the understanding of our own planetary system and the more than 4000 known other planetary systems in our galaxy. Gas giants are essential for the dynamic stability of a planetary system and may harbour niches of habitability in form of their satellite systems.

As expected learning outcomes and benefits for Summer School Alpbach participants:

  • Will view space as an exciting and challenging enterprise
  • Will be challenged to overcome the trials and reap the rewards of working in an international and multi-disciplinary team
  • Will be exposed to a range of scientific and engineering topics relevant to designing space missions
  • Will learn to balance scientific objectives and requirements with the realistic constraints of mission-design, spacecraft-design, and mission cost
  • Will develop the ability to work together as a team towards the common goal of preparing presentations and reports under incredible time constraints
  • Will forge long-term friendships that might eventually evolve into professional collaborations later in life
  • Will enjoy the unique and enriching "Alpbach experience".

Image: ESA

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